Welcome back from WM Jeffrey Johnston

As our new masonic year gets underway I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in lodge again. I am proud and honoured to serve as Worshipful Master this year, and look forward to leading Northland #147 with the help of each and every one of you. We have an exciting year ahead of us, starting off with a bang with the District 100th anniversary on Sept 29th. I am excited to dive into another year of Masonry.
During my tenure as worshipful master this year, I hope to encourage more fraternal relations outside of our regular lodge meetings. We discussed this before the summer break began, and I hope to continue the discussion and encourage everyone to come to lodge with suggestions for possible events. In addition I will work hard with the line of officers to ensure that we have fun and instructive meetings each month. In short I hope to increase our fellowship both within and without the lodge.
I would like to thank all the officers who served last year, particularly those who stepped down for their service through the years, and those who stepped up in the line for there efforts so far and the courage to continue serving. Special thanks goes out to Steve Johnson who served as Secretary of our lodge since rocks were soft, and Don Chilcote who has served as our Director of ceremonies for a number of years as well. Both have opted to take smaller roles in Lodge, though I know they will remain useful resources for Masonic instruction.
I am excited to welcome you all back from summer’s break, and I hope you all had a productive and restful time.
Jeffrey Johnston
WM Northland Lodge #147
Grand Lodge of Alberta

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